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Do you have an ongoing mouse problem that keeps coming back year after year?

Our preventative mouse control service offers a proactive solution to keep mice out of your home during colder months when they seek food and shelter.

How It Works:

$40 per month

4 month minimum commitment (December-March)

Initial treatment includes exterior bait stations

Ongoing service checks and rebaiting stations monthly


Proactive prevention reduces need for indoor treatments

Custom exterior bait eliminates food sources outside

Consistent rebaiting ensures no gaps in protection


  • Why do I need preventative treatment?

    Mice are persistent, and a one-time treatment often leaves gaps that allow reinfestations. Our preventative plan puts a perimeter defense to keep mice out completely.

  • What makes this better than DIY products?

    Professional-grade exterior bait proven more effective. Custom placement based on inspecting environment. Ongoing service ensures proper maintenance.

  • What if I still see mice after 4 months?

    Contact us to evaluate your property and determine if additional preventative measures are needed or one-time elimination treatment necessary. Flexible plans available.

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