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Flea and Tick Yard Treatment Services

Are you concerned your yard may have fleas and ticks? The X-Terminator offers a highly effective flea and tick treatment service to eliminate these pests from your outdoor space. Our treatment is safe for pets and provides long-lasting protection.

How Our Flea and Tick Yard Treatment Works

Our experienced technicians will apply a treatment to your yard, focusing on areas where fleas and ticks are likely to hide and breed. This treatment is not harmful to pets and can be applied while they are in the yard.

We recommend a quarterly service, consisting of three treatments per year, to effectively control and prevent flea and tick infestations. Each treatment remains effective for approximately three months.

Benefits of Our Flea and Tick Yard Treatment

  • Eliminates fleas and ticks in your yard
  • Prevents future infestations with regular treatments
  • Creates a safer outdoor environment for your pets and family
  • Utilizes effective, pet-friendly products
  • Flexible scheduling and competitive pricing

Why Choose The X-Terminator for Flea and Tick Control?

At The X-Terminator, we prioritize the safety and satisfaction of our clients and their pets. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in flea and tick control, using only the most effective and pet-friendly products available.

We understand the importance of maintaining a pest-free yard, and our quarterly service is designed to provide you with peace of mind throughout the year. Trust The X-Terminator to keep your outdoor space free from fleas and ticks.

Schedule Your Flea and Tick Yard Treatment Today

Don't let fleas and ticks take over your yard. Contact The X-Terminator today to schedule your flea and tick yard treatment service and enjoy a pest-free outdoor space. For pricing and availability, please call us at (614) 600-6496 or fill out our online contact form.